September 2, 2013

A Surprise Engagement in Sedona, AZ


Is it just me, or does it seem like I am constantly making excuses for my lack of updating this blog? Well, like it or not, I’m cutting myself some slack this time around. My excuses are real and legitimate. The last three months have been full of life changing events, and for the first time I feel like I have significant updates to provide you.


I’m sure by the opening photos of this post, you can easily guess where this story begins. Yes. I am betrothed. Affianced. Engaged – to my best friend, which makes me a very lucky girl. Last Thanksgiving, a little birdie (read: my dad) had hinted (read: blatantly told me) to the idea that Jon might propose to me during our European vacation (more on that soon). I spent most of the spring obsessing over what outfits I was going to wear each day, how much weight I could realistically lose before our trip and scheduling appointments for hair, nails and a facial during the weeks leading up to our departure. If I was going to be proposed to in Europe, then I was going to look as close to perfection as possible. I knew there would be many pictures taken to capture that momentous day and, at the time, it felt important that I look positively glowing.


I should know by now, however, that things almost never play out as planned. I met Jon and fell in love when I was least expecting it. I wasn’t looking for love, but it found me. Sometimes life’s greatest gifts arrive at odd and unexpected moments, making the surprise of it all even sweeter. And this is exactly how our engagement happened.

cheesy I know, but I still like it <3

It was Memorial Day weekend and Jon suggested we drive up to Sedona for the day. He wanted to go back to the same spot where we captured a kiss on our one-year anniversary. That day, back in February 2012, is was gray and overcast outside, so Jon thought it would be nice to capture that kiss once again, on a far sunnier day, when the beauty of Sedona could really shine. We hiked to the same spot, a private little plateau that overlooks the valleys of red rocks, set up my camera on a tripod, set the camera’s timer and got in place. The next thing I knew, Jon was on one knee holding a gorgeous diamond ring. I don’t know what happened next. I don’t recall what words were actually spoken. All I know is that I was consumed with emotion and was just as happy being proposed to there, in that moment, as I would have been at the top of the Eiffel Tower – even though on that particular day I was wearing a sloppy outfit and no makeup. My appearance may not have been perfect, but the pictures we have of that moment are.





Everything since that wonderful day has been a blur, including our journey through Zurich, Vienna, Klagenfurt, Rome, Nice and Paris. Three blissful weeks traveling across Europe, followed by my 10-year high school reunion (yikes!) and a whirlwind of wedding planning. No one ever told me the extreme amount of detail that planning a wedding involves – it’s mind-boggling. The good news, however, is that a lot of progress has been made. We’ve set a date, October 18, 2014, and booked our ceremony and reception venue. So now I’ve been filling my days poring over bridal magazines, Pinterest and Etsy. What did brides-to-be do before these two fantastic websites came about? I can’t even imagine…


I understand there is no recipe attached to this post, a first in Culinary Crumbs history, but I have plenty of European-inspired recipes coming. Up next, Viennese Weiner Schnitzel. Also, I’ve been playing with the idea of introducing non-recipe related posts: DIY, travel, wedding planning, photography and perhaps a few others. Tell me, would you be interested in reading what I have to share in these other areas?



  1. Congrats Karlie and John !!!!! What a beautiful engagement. I have Oct 18, 2014 on my calendar! Can't Wait ! Tori

    1. Thank you, Tori! And thank you for joining my mom and I scouting venues! That was such a fun evening!

  2. cheryl lasiter9/10/2013

    What a beautiful story Karlie!!! Love the pics!! I know not quite as you thought but this was even better! Made me CRY!!! I love the way you write and would be interested in reading anything you blog!! Fun Fun times ahead for all of yall!! Cheryl

    1. Thank you, Cheryl! Hoping to have some fun new things up on the blog soon! Thank you for reading!