December 10, 2009

Catering Menu Part 2

Ok, so I'm trying really hard to make additions to my so called catering menu, however, I only have two to add at the moment. I've actually been busy putting my current menu to work, as well as offering up some other dishes on the fly. Come to think of it, I don't believe I've left my kitchen in well over a week now. When I'm not busy making something for someone else, I'm most likely making something for myself or my family to indulge in. I've been doing some advance preparations for a little segment I'm doing for the holidays, "12 Days of Goodies", starting this Sunday, and counting down to Christmas Eve. So tune in December 13th for that! (A little preview: I'll be kicking it off by sharing my homemade marshmallows!) But back to my catering additions, I've got one sweet and one savory item, but both equally delicious.

Tomato-Cheddar Tartlets

Red Velvet Cake Balls


  1. The red velvet balls look yummy~!!!!

  2. Mary Lou12/17/2009

    I am so excited about your blog and your new cooking adventures! Everything looks very tasty and your commentary makes me laugh....the pictures are awesome!!! I am so proud of you; I think you have real talent so be patient while you get the word out then watch as your business explodes!!!

  3. Anonymous4/27/2011

    I love the tomato cheddar tarts. How is the catering business going for you? I myself recently joined a start up catering company - which I wish could be a full time job but unfortunately there isn't enough business for that yet.

  4. avocadopesto- I recently gave up the catering biz :-( I took an offer for a full time job, which is more steady money, but unfortunately the reason I havent had time to post any new recipes! But hoping to get back into it this summer! Good luck on your own catering ventures though!